Mary Ann Haven

It seems I spent my youth regularly adjusting to new places. My family spent time living in the mountains of West Virginia, on an island off the coast of Florida and on the plains of Texas. The beauty and variety of the natural world was a theme that colored my youth and continues to influence my work as an artist today. Atmospheric light, shadow and it's affect on color are experienced differently depending on where you find yourself on a map. I believe these contrasts have created an amalgam of impressions that rise to the surface in my abstract paintings.


The beginning of a new painting is an invigorating experience for me, and I often choose to "break the ice" by pouring paint down the surface of a canvas. I vary this with the use of both opaque and transparent glazes and this process if often repeated to build up layers and depth. The surprises in the line, rhythm and shapes that result are the seed of inspiration for the next creative move. Some paintings remain completely abstract, while others "call out" for a sense of atmosphere, clouds and or water. Whichever direction they take, I try to allow them to proceed with as little preconceived planning as possible. The experience of stepping into the unknown, allowing a painting to come "through me" is addicting and the reason I paint. 

Graduate of the University of North Texas, BFA Interior Design

Recipient of a Cultural Council Grant toward a public mural commission

701 Center for Contemporary Art Open Studios Artist, 2012 - Current

Member of the South Carolina Water Media Society

Media Coverage: Columbia Living Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014), People, Culture,