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Jamie Blackburn

"Art comes from many sources...

influences of local artists and historical painters

have been a contribution to my creative longevity."

Inspiration for Jamie’s art comes from many sources. He loves diverse cultural symbolism, experimenting with primitive design methods and modern computer technologies.  He enjoys doing research, studying artistic technique and the process of creating interesting visual ideas. Inspiration comes to Jamie as he explores various aesthetics. Nature, architecture, music, and visual rhythm excite him. Prospecting for ideas is his way of life. Jamie also likes to mimic accidental images he sees on random surfaces in stores, parking lots and old billboards. He loves to explore, ever since childhood camping in the woods, taking trips have always been a source of inspiration. Hunting, fishing or just hiking through nature is linked to his creative process. He believes nature is inspiring and elevates his soul. Jamie likes books, magazines and movies. He seldom stops receiving information, even his dreams are a source of inspiration and ideas. Natural occurring designs and pictographs worn by native Americans, African tribesman and other native cultures help him cultivate ideas. The influences of  local artists and historical painters have been a contribution to his creative longevity. The doing of art has taught him best and inspired him most. He understands his best teachers have been his experiments and his most inspiring moments coming from mishaps.

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