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Lucinda Howe


Lucinda Howe’s contemporary Fauvist landscapes are filled with bold, extravagant color.  Inspiration is derived from the juxtaposition of architecture and natural elements in landscapes and gardens.  Through plein air excursions, Lucinda absorbs a sense of place and gives it personal expression with emotional color in the studio.


Lucinda is fascinated by problem solving in all areas of her life.  “It’s important to start with a theory, make good assumptions, and work carefully to solve a problem.  One can choose any set of basic assumptions as long as they don’t contradict each other.”  In painting it’s important to get the value structure correct, then you can use any colors you want.


Color and texture drive Lucinda’s work.  Acrylic is the medium of choice because it encourages a great variety of techniques and can be framed without glass. Most of her work begins on a red background with a complementary color scheme in mind.  Bravura brushwork gives a painterly quality.  “I want my work to show the hand of the artist.”


Lucinda grew up in Gastonia, NC, and graduated from Wake Forest University in 1977 with a degree in mathematics.  She lives near Columbia, SC with her husband Rich Kelley who is also her sales manager.

"I want my work to show the hand of the artist."