803.758.1007   |  1012 Gervais Street Columbia, SC 29201

Debbie Martin


The approach to my work stems from personal experience and exploration. A love of nature influences most of my paintings. Often the title will suggest the origin of the composition but the emotional quality is created by the choice of colors. The interplay of color provokes such pleasure for me as I paint that I don’t want it to end. Large, expressive, colorful works on canvas are what I enjoy painting the most.


Martin, a Columbia native, has been painting full-time for over 16 years.  Her love of nature influences most of her paintings along with well-know South Carolina landmarks like the Gervais Street Bridge.  Martin’s work is typically large, expressive and colorful with an abstract flare.  



“When I paint I simply enjoy the 

energetic flow and the creative process. 

It is a joy to follow my passion. 

Inspiration is infinite and the desire to 

express is extremely pressing.”