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Amanda McLenon


Amanda McLenon paints wildlife "with a soul".  She was not always an artist, however. Amanda started her career teaching, and completed her Masters in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston.


In 2009, a simple exploration with paint resulted in the discovery of an unknown talent.  Amanda's unique style includes reverse painting on glass, incorporation of antique maps, nautical charts and organic drips of paint that emulate water. Her focus on local fish has awarded her commissions for national tournaments, and in 2012 she received the prestigious Lowcountry Artist of the Year award.


Amanda has continued to contribute to scientific endeavors by participating in a 53-day research cruise to Antarctica, and this year she is supporting conservation efforts as an Ambassador to the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Amanda's recent works include new explorations in color, and large scale paintings of birds preening.






“I love to capture the movement and the beauty of a seemingly ordinary moment."